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Alhuda Public School, Panayikulam – A vision 21st century school – Established and Managed by Alhuda Education and Charitable Trust

About Us

Alhuda is not a profit motive school and the visionaries behind it believe that love is the gate to all the secrets of this universe. The students in alhuda are provided with individual care and attention in order to foster their abilities in a most efficient manner. Our teachers strive to maximize the inherent potential of each student in the most productive manner so that the society becomes beneficial. Alhuda also try to make their students God fearing by offering exceptional religious studies that are made a part of the curriculum.

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To create a world where our students live in harmony.

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To maximize the inherent potential of each student in the most productive manner so that the society becomes beneficial and also to create insight into values like honesty, integrity, etc so that their heart see what is invisible to their eyes.

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Words of Chairman

Education serves as the foundation for development, and at Alhuda Public School, we hold this belief close to our hearts. Our sincere endeavor in establishing this remarkable educational institution is rooted in harmonizing the teachings of both morality and secular studies. We understand that our ultimate goal extends beyond the mere dissemination of information to young minds; it is to instill ethical values and principles that enrich their character.
At Alhuda Public School, we are wholeheartedly committed to creating an environment where every child can unlock their full potential within a morally nurturing setting. Our dedication to this noble objective knows no bounds. We firmly believe that by fostering the unwavering support and cooperation of parents, Alhuda Public School will continue to provide exemplary educational services that are infused with ethical values.
Together, let us join hands to shape the future of our children and equip them with not only knowledge and skills but also the ethical compass they need to succeed in life. We are confident that through our collective efforts, Alhuda Public School will continue to make significant contributions to the field of education by nurturing responsible and compassionate individuals who positively impact society.
Thank you for being a part of our journey. With your support, Alhuda Public School will continue to be a beacon of educational excellence, dedicated to fostering both intellectual growth and the development of ethical values in our students.

Deepa V

Principal's Message

Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education – Martin Luther King Jr.
This quote becomes the definition of true education and it points out to the need of imparting values to build strong character. values add quality to life. Any thought, idea or feeling which promotes self-development of an individual constitutes a value.
Academic excellence and moral values together will help the child to excel in his life. We alhudains impart value based education and also equip our children with social and relationship skills that help them throughout their lives.
It is also important to create a positive learning environment. The environment is always a decisive factor, the one that will be limiting or nurturing a child’s potential. We are keen to provide our children an atmosphere where creativity is recognized and respected.
Education today is not just confined to textbooks and classrooms. Alhuda public school encourages our students to participate in extracurricular activities and also, we ensure the well-being and happiness of each student. We provide the right atmosphere for learners to develop their soft skills and empowers them to be critical thinkers and life long learners. Our aim is to make the child a better human being. Let’s move together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

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